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Class 2 - Ash

Year Two Visit the Zoo!

Thank you Callum for sharing with us the book you found about a Year Two class visiting the zoo.  We are very excited about our planned trip to the zoo, and hope our visit is not as eventful as the one in the story!


Picture 1

Using a quill to sign our names

Using a quill to sign our names 1
Using a quill to sign our names 2
We turned back the clock to the 1600's when Samuel Pepys wrote about the Great Fire of London in his diary. They did not have computers or pens in those days - people  used a quill (a feather) as a pen, dipping the end in a pot of ink, to write with. We all had a turn at using a quill to write our names.  
Ms Holmes, Mrs Adlam and Mrs Bunce would like to welcome you to Class 2, also known as Ash Class.

Key Information:

Reading books are changed on Mondays and Thursdays.

Maths homework is given out on a Tuesday to be returned on a Thursday, English homework is handed out on a Thursday to be returned by the Monday.

Spelling log books should be brought into school each day ready to write in the 'log and learn' words for the current spelling pattern.

Our library day is Wednesday.