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Friday 1st February 2019

Good Morning,

We hope that you enjoy this snow day and have plenty of fun learning at home. Here are some activities that you can do. Choose at least 3.

English :-

Create or take a picture of a snowy landscape. Write a poem or write a short story set in an imaginary snow world.

Find a fiction or non-fiction book to read at the end of your busy day.

Maths :-

Build a snowman that is your height and has some of your features. 

Measure how deep the snow is in 4 different places. Draw a bar chart to show them.

Snow fractions - Roll different size snow balls. Can you split one in 1/2, one in 1/3rds, one into 1/4s. What is the smallest fraction you can split one of the snow balls?

Revise 4 and 8 times tables whilst jumping or sledging in the snow.

Hot Chocolate Maths - Measure how many millilitres of hot chocolate your cup holds. Look at the level in your cup. If you add marshmallows would the level change? Why? Can you give a scientific reason?


Design an ideal snow vehicle of your own on paper, as a model e.g from lego or on the computer. Take a picture if it's a model. What are its best design features? 


We're looking forward to hearing about your learning on Monday.


Have a great weekend.smiley