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This term in English we have been learning all about how to write a set of accurate instructions.  We have been trying to trap monsters and dragons and make our own traps to catch them.
For homework we were asked to draw our own monster trap and write numbered steps clearly and accurately to describe how to build it.

Below are some examples of the traps that were invented.

Philip's instructions:

1. Put a hook on the ceiling.
2. Tie a rope to the bottom and pull the basket up through the hook.
3. Place a cake on the floor under the basket.
4. Tie a pair of scissors on a toy car.
5. Place the car between the cake and the rope.
6. When the monster eats the cake its head hits the car. The scissors cut the rope and the basket drops. The monster is caught.



Amber's instructions:

1. Put two chairs together with a sheet on top to make a hideout.
2. Make a big box with holes so the monster can breath.
3. Cover the box so it cannot be seen.
4. Prop the box up with a stick and place some food in it.
5. Tie some rope to the stick and hide in the hideout.
6. When the monster eats the food, pull on the rope to trap it.

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Janum's instructions:

 What you need: 
   A Trip wire, a small cage and a large cage plus a monkey.

1. You need to tie the monkey to the small cage as he will be the bait.
2. Set up the trip wire across the monsters path. This will be the trigger.
3. Connect the big cage to the trip wire using a branch of a tree.
4. Test the trap by asking a friend to walk across the trip wire.
5. Reset the trap to catch the monster.
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