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Living Eggs

The children were very excited this afternoon, when we had the arrival of 11 chicken eggs. We look forward to watching them hatch over the next few days.
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Wednesday Morning

When Miss Dye came into school this morning she noticed that one of the eggs had started to Pip. This is when the chick has made a small hole in the egg shell. Soon the hole got larger and it turned into a crack. One little chick flopped out and was exhausted. During the day we have seen it getting fluffy. Hopefully it will have some friends tomorrow.

During Wednesday night and today we have four more chicks that have hatched. The two oldest chicks have moved to the brooder this evening. 
The chicks were well looked after over the weekend. We couldn't believe how much they had grown. This week the children had the chance to stroke or handle the chicks. We have had them out for some exercise on the carpet.