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River and Rowing Museum

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On Thursday we went to Henley with Year 5. We went to the River and Rowing Museum and we got to have a fun boat trip.

When we boarded the boat, I noticed how big the boat was. I didn't think it would be that large. I was also allowed at the front of the boat. This was awesome! The view was really nice and it was a lovely sunny day. I was at the front of the boat when we went under a bridge.  It got pretty dark.

While I was at the front I saw ducks, ducklings, geese, goslings, more boats and houses, plus Toad Hall, Ratty's house, Mole's house and the Wild Wood.

I saw four little goslings and they were very fluffy and yellow and they had black feet. The water was sparkly and green and dark. 

It was a great day!


By Dexter, Neive, Bella and Oliver