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We will have a table outside school on Monday for unclaimed clothes. If any had pocket money left over, I shall give that to them on Monday as well

Friday-6pm- After a lightning quick stop, we have caught up time and should be with everyone around 7pm. It has been an amazing week, with amazing children who had a go at everything and showed great encouragement and support for their classmates. Behaviour was excellent throughout the week. Thanks to Mrs Knight, Mrs Brown and Mr Norman for their help. They were amazing and a great help and deserve a restful weekend. 

Friday - 2:15 - the coach left River Dart. We tried to make the children semi-presentable for their journey home , although there is a distict smell of damp. We all had a lovely final morning of activities  and had A packed lunch before we set off. If you are reading this parents, please notice the SATs revision material below!

Friday - 6:30am- Rise and Shine! There won't be much shining from the sun today - it's still raining. The morning activities are High ropes and Raft building. Lets hope their rafts stay together otherwise it will be a wet 5 hours in the coach!

Thursday - 10pm- 
Parents - Make sure your washing machines are ready fora the onslaught of copious amounts of wet and smelly clothing. We did try to encourage children to keep these separate from the few clean items of clothing they may still have left. 

The children went to the shop today. Some were very thoughtful and bought presents for family, so expect some very thoughtful gifts! Some of you may be in for some real treats! ( I may or may not be being sarcastic here)

As the children would say, 'There has been an awesomely epic amount of rainfall today.' This evening we played some indoor games as it was too wet to make camp fires outside (At least you won't have smoky clothes to wash). We had a nice period to reflect on the week this evening. We listened to what everyone enjoyed/disliked and what they had learnt as well as sharing some memorable moments. An impromptu talent show starring Alex, George, Edward and Russ, the instructor, kept us entertained as well. A lovely evening to finish off the week. 

Oh and we had a scrumptious Lasagne and Oce Cream for dinner.

Plan for tomorrow - Morning activities of High ropes and Raft building followed by lunch, a final pack and then departing at 2pm. I will give travel dates on here if I can. Sally Sharp will text everyone if there is a significant delay to our arrival time. 

Thursday 2pm - Back into the rain to do Canoeing, Kyacking, Zip wire and Crate building. 36 Doubly drowned rats this afternoon! The war spirit is coming through though and everyone is really positive (or at least acting it)

Thursday - 1pm - 36 drowned rats! (Enough said)

Thursday- 9am- Well, it's nice weather this morning (if you are a duck) All the spring flowers have decided it is actually winter and have hidden away. The tiredness and the gloom caused by the weather have been brushed aside by a great cooked breakfast and everyone is raring to start their first activities of either canoeing, kyacking, zip wire or crate tower. Expect some wet clothes parents - it's going to be a soggy one!

Wed 10pm - All is quiet. Adults and children are all in bed and most are asleep. Everyone is worn out after the evening activities of night hiking and Indoor climbing. Still didn't see any drop bears. We had Cottage pie for dinner followed by a delicious apple crumble and custard. Funny moments of the day - Kai and Polly falling into puddles, while playing foot cricket.
Wed 6pm - Had a wonderful day off site. There were some beautiful views of Dartmoor. Climbing and the trek we re both great, although we didn't see any Drop Bears or Mongolian worms! We all had a packed lunch, and parents will be pleased to know that no chocolate was handed out till fruit had been eaten! Off to dinner now. 

Wednesday -7am- Wake up time. Everyone had a better night's sleep. Looking forward to our first activities of the day -Either Rock climbing or Walking through Dartmoor. Fortunately, it is dry.

Tuesday - 7pm - Despite saying they have had a shower, some children still have mud on their faces. Just had Chinese for dinner. Apparently some very successful rafts were built this afternoon. We are now looking forward to the evening activity.

Tuesday -2pm. Lunch - Ham, Egg and Chips - Yum Yum.Onto the afternoon activities - Caving and Raft building.Ate Hannah C's birthday cake - delicious.

Tuesday -9 am - After cereal, fruit, toast, yoghurt and a cooked breakfast we are ready for our first activities - caving and the high course.

 Tuesday -7am - we have some tired children around - still smiling though

Monday- 6:00 After a lovely Chicken pie, we did some more exploring of the grounds in the dark.

Monday - 4:30. - Got very wet and muddy exploring the grounds. It is a custom to crawl through puddles in Devon.

Monday - 12:30 - just arrived. About to go and have our second lunch - Pizza!

Monday - 10am- just had lunch!

Sunday 17th - Less than a day to go!

Saturday 16th March - Mr Cook is setting up the webpage, ready for  next week. Let's hope it isn't this wet next week!