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Year 2 Visit the Zoo!

Whipsnade Zoo

On Tuesday, Year 2 went on a trip to Whipsnade Zoo. First we saw the chimps which were big and one was skinny and small. Next we visited the African hunting dogs, two were running around the trees and they came right up to us and then 3 jumped out of their dens. After that we noticed the giraffes, they were very stinky! They were very tall and towered above everybody in the class. One of them was eating hay, another was eating straw and bending their neck. Some of them had big brown stripes. Our favourite was the one with the  most brown on it. Our favourite part was seeing the lions. They were all sleepy and the mum was walking away and running everywhere. After lunch, we saw the butterflies and inside the butterfly house it was very hot! When we were in the butterfly house, we talked about the life cycle of a butterfly.

We explored the butterfly house and saw some butterfly eggs, moths and caterpillars. One butterfly was very colourful with green, red and yellow markings. The crocodile was staying still as it was having a nap. If we knocked on the glass door, it would move. On the bus on the way home, we played eye spy with the teachers and we were laughing and having fun! We would really like to come back as it was fantastic.

Written by Neive and Liliana


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Year Two Visit the Zoo!

Thank you Callum for sharing with us the book you found about a Year Two class visiting the zoo.  We are very excited about our planned trip to the zoo, and hope our visit is not as eventful as the one in the story!

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