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Year 3 Book Launch - June 2013

The Year Three Book Launch   27/6/13


There was much excitement and anticipation in Year Three yesterday as the children got ready for their first book launch. The children have written two books this term: ‘The Shakespeare Stories’ a collection of book reviews and ‘Mythological Dragons of the World’.

The drinks and biscuits were prepared; the books were displayed ready to be sold; posters and banners were designed and stuck up. With two minutes to spare, we waited bursting with excitement. Then at 2.45 the parents arrived.  Fleur and Thomas made a speech and told the parents all about the books the class had been writing. They explained how the class divided into different groups to organise producing the book. There was a layout and design group, a finance group to deal with sales and production costs, publicity group and catering group for the event itself.  The children shared their literacy books to explain the planning and editing process and then shared their newly sold books to family and friends. It was a wonderful afternoon and a big thank you to everyone who supported Year Three. 

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