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Arty Adventures - making Greek Urns

Our week - 19th - 23rd September


At the start of the week we were doing recounts. We typed them up to try and improve them to a higher standard. Later on in the week we annotated some Greek myths. Our favourite myth was Icarus and Daedalus.


In art we have been designing and making Greek urns. This week we covered the balloons in newspaper dipped in glue and water, we left them to dry. This was very messy.


At the start of the week we learned about factors and multiples. We watched a music video which inspired us to make our own about prime numbers. We found it a good way of learning them.


This week we were looking at mammals and their life cycles. We made wheels showing the life cycles of a rabbit and platypus we found the platypus most interesting.

This week our overall favourite subject was art because we enjoyed getting messy.

By Katie and Rosie