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Bridge Building

D&T Day!

Today we have spent all day designing and building.


The Problem

A car has to travel from one side of the river to the other side. The river is 31cm wide.

The Task

The children have to build a bridge which the car can travel across.


Tables have to work together to design and build a bridge.

They can only use the materials listed and only have £100 to spend.

There are strictly NO REFUNDS- so design carefully!

Children MUST work as a team- points will be rewarded for; team work, design, structure and costings.


Prices at Bob's Building Supplies

Paper- £10

Paper clip -£3

Sellotape - £10

(10cm strip)

There might be flash sales throughout the day - watch out!


The children had a great day and worked hard to design their bridges to such a tight budget. We used maths, design, building, problem solving and team work! We also used a bit of English as we wrote up our evaluations and findings!


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