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Class 4 - Pine

smiley Welcome to Pine Class with Mrs Rafferty and Mrs Wells smiley

Welcome back after what we hope was a peaceful Easter break.

Please don't worry if you did not have time to complete all of the homework set over the holidays; just hand in what you were able to complete.


Second day done!!! More fun activities like pond dipping, den building and fire lighting. We woke up early and showered so we were nice and clean. Then the challenges began. Pond dipping was very muddy!!! Fire lighting was hard and took us a while,but we eventually did it. Den building was AWESOME. We loved today and can’t wait for tomorrow. See you on Friday!!!
Well we survived our first day! It was jam packed with activities such as orienteering, magic spot time, lunch, dinner & supper and roasting marshmallows over the camp fire.(yum). First we brought our suitcases to school. Whilst we were waiting for the coach we took the register and played hangman. Then it was time to get on the coach, we waved our parents goodbye. On the way we saw ponies, odds farm, cliveden and lots and lots of houses. When we got to Shortenills we met our guides Alison, Julia and Stuart. They gave us the instructions and we went to our dorms so we could choose our beds. We met outside to do a tour. At the end of the day we sang along to songs round the campfire. We really enjoyed our day and can’t wait for tomorrow!!
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