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St Nicolas Eco Council

Aim: ‘Sharing awareness of what we can do to look after the environment and our planet.’


Our Eco Councillors:

Year 1: Millie and Fergus

Year 2: Leo and

Year 3: Emily and Ethan

Year 4:

Year 5: Ione and Ben

Year 6: Janum and Danny


What does it mean?

  • Eco-friendly – not harmful to the natural world.
  • Ecological - The study of living things, their environment, and the relation between the two.
  • Recycle – you can use it again, it could be made into something different.
  • Sustainable – Able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed.  When a tree is cut down plant another one.
  • Biodiversity – describes the variety of life on earth.
  • Renewable – made from natural resources like sunlight, wind and rain.  These replenish naturally.
  • Solar – using or operated by energy from the sun.
  • Fair-trade – when people produce our food they should be paid enough, if you buy fair-trade you know that they are getting a fair deal.


The nine topics are:





School Grounds

Healthy Living



Global Perspective