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Enterprise Week

This week we are going to be working on the 'fiver from home' challenge. It is essentially the fiver challenge we usually do but from home. 


Fiver from Home is an amended version of the Fiver Challenge that allows students to imagine what business they could create with just a £5 note. This mini home-based project uses the core elements of the Fiver Challenge to inspire your young people to actively learn, develop and grow their entrepreneurial skills.


Pupils will work through the 4 parts of the Fiver from Home Workbook, completing the activities and using guiding documents.


The Wordguide offers explanations with relevant examples all of the terms in the workbook in case this is the first time seeing them.


For parents supervising or delivering Fiver from Home we have Top tips for Parents sheet that offers a few suggestions on how to keep your young people engaged and having fun throughout the project.


Think it!

Here’s a fiver, what business could you start?

Pupils will use the workbook to create an idea, name their business and use the Top Tips to create a logo.


Research it!

Pupils use the Remote Market Research Template and example questions to find out what their customers think.

This is completed via telephone or email with people they know.


Plan it!

Pupils use the third part of the workbook to create their business plan by answering the questions in the business plan section.

Pupils are then asked to draw their product or create a poster for their service.


Pitch it!

In the final part of the workbook pupils plan, write and the present a sales pitch to someone in their home.

There are plenty of tips on what to include and how to present the sales pitch in the workbook.