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For geography this week you will be planning and carrying out fieldwork in your local area.

Task 1: Work through the powerpoint and photo pack to compare death valley and the peak district. 


Task 2: Use the maps and resources linked below to plan the fieldwork you are going to carry out. Some examples of this might be: 

Taking photographs

Sketching key buildings on your route

Collecting samples of soil, plants or rocks

Standing in one place and counting the amount of cars that go by in the space of 5 or 10 minutes and presenting this information on a graph

You could add a weather chart/table and record the weather each day for a week. 

You could do some tree rubbings

You could do some rubbings of different surfaces

You could ask your family questions about what it is like to live in the community

Draw your own map of the local area


Task 3: Once you have done your planning you need to carry out your fieldwork. You don't need to do all of the suggestions just some. Please see my example below: