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Online Learning

Hello everyone! 


Welcome to your new home learning platform. There is an overview of what to do on in the 'instructions' pack above. Then visit the various links below to find the resources.


I will be delivering daily maths lessons on Microsoft Teams from Monday at 10am. These will last 20 minutes and will be linked to the target your maths worksheets. I will then be available to help with any questions afterwards for 30-40 minutes. 


You can download Microsoft teams here: or you can use it in browser (chrome) using the following link


Microsoft Teams is a learning platform. It is not a space for you to have private discussions with each other but you can discuss the work set for that day. At the moment we are trialling this software to see if it is a good way to deliver lessons. 


Ground Rules of Microsoft Teams to ensure we are all safe: 

1. Mute your microphone at all times unless you have a question

2. use the comments section to ask questions if your microphone doesn't work

3. be respectful to each other and listen as you would in class

4. It is your choice if you would like to use the camera feature

5. Only use teams for conversations about your learning and not as a social platform. You can ask questions about the platform. 


I hope this works well for you. 

Mrs Russell