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Snow Day

Good morning, Elm Class!

Have fun on this snow day with these ideas:

If you go outside: challenge yourself to make 3D snow shapes.

Snow sphere - 1 point,  snow cone - 2 points, snow cube or snow cuboid - 3 points, snow cylinder - 4 points, snow pyramid - 5 points!


ow, blow the snow.

How many 'ow' words can you think of?

1-5 words,  make your list grow!

6-10 words, have another throw!

10+ words, have a snow day!


Play the Snow Man reading game!

You need a partner (a grown up or older brother or sister is best)

Use your reading books. 

Read as usual,  until you come to a word beginning with 's' or 'm.' Instead of reading the word you must say 'snow' or 'man.' 

If you forget to say 'snow' for words beginning with 's' or 'man' for words beginning with 'm,' then it's you partner's turn! 

P.S. when it isn't snowing you can play this game with 'sausage' and 'mash!' 


Make a snow picture to peg onto to the weather chart calendar you made last term!


Don't forget to log onto Abacus Maths for the latest activities.