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World Book Day Fun!

Our Brilliant Book Project

We are often asked, "How can I help my child to become a confident reader?" To find the answer delve into Our Brilliant Book Project below.

Around the World Week 


On Monday 23rd of January our school were invited kindly by Carol Curly to go on a journey around the world. Our teacher (Miss Davies) had been secretly planning it since November. Instead of being JRSOs they were security and they had to check our bags. The Assembly has been turned into a plane we now see a safety video and then listen to our captain’s message. After getting off the plane we then arrive in our destination. The countries we visited were: Spain (Year 6), Kenya ( Year 5),Brazil (Year4),China (Year3), Australia (Year 2) and India ( Year 1).Some of the activities we participated in were: in China we learnt about Chinese New Year and we made Chinese fans. We made Picasso paintings in Spain and in Kenya we learnt about some of the animals that live there and created sunset paintings. In Australia we learnt about the Great Barrier Reef and used cotton buds to create an aboriginal picture and in Brazil we learnt about people’s daily lives and made carnival masks. Finally in India we learnt about the location of the country and designed our own henna patterns for our hands. Class R have been learning about Chinese New Year all week. We hope that we do something similar to around the world week soon as we have really enjoyed it and had lots of fun!

By Lucy and Elise, Year 5