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Year 3 Trip to The Ashmolean Museum and Oxford Cathedral

On our visit to the Ashmolean Museum we were given the opportunity to be Ancient Egyptian detectives, exploring the various artifacts and learning all about how the Ancient Egyptians lived.

We were given some mystery Egyptian objects and had to decide what they were and who they may have belonged to.

After that we were given some free time to explore the museum ourselves and complete some Ancient Egyptian activities in our booklets.

Ashmolean photos

On arrival at the Cathedral we were given a tour of the Cathedral itself and the grounds. This included seeing where Lewis Caroll lived when he wrote Alice in Wonderland and also the famous staircase and Dining room used in the Harry Potter films.

We went to a workshop where we learnt all about the history of the Cathedral and the different people who live and work there.

We were split into groups where we were given a guided tour of the Cathedral itself, including the stories behind some of the Stained glass windows and the history of Saint Freidsweid. We even got to dress up as the Bishop and sit in the Cathedra (the Bishop’s chair).

We were also given the opportunity to light a candle to represent our prayers to God, sing ‘I the Lord of Sea and Sky’ in the Cathedral, say a prayer the class had prepared and be presented with individual bibles before being blessed by the priest prior to leaving. A very special day was had by all.

Oxford Cathedral photos