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Home Learning

Learning with Parents - our rationale             

Our aim is to develop our children’s higher-order thinking and their ability to articulate their learning, develop ideas and vocabulary and learn how to challenge themselves with open-ended tasks.  These are all key learning skills we teach in school and a pre-requisite for attainment, especially at greater depth.

Children learn best by talking and doing.  The activities on Learning with Parents are designed to do just that. Tasks that are more open-ended and involve interaction with others develop more creative and independent thinking - which is what we want for our St Nic’s children as we prepare them for secondary school and later life.  Talking about learning and explaining to others creates a higher retention of knowledge.

The chart represents the average retention rate of 7 learning activities that are split into 2 forms: passive and active learning.






Development of home learning

Thank you for your engagement with Learning with Parents so far. It has been running half a term and we have listened to feedback from teachers, parents and children.  Now everyone is confident with it, we will be making adjustments in response to your feedback and developing our home learning as follows:

  • Learning with Parents will continue to be a key home learning resource; however, your child's class teacher may switch in or add other resources to meet the curriculum and learning needs of the children.
  • Home learning books will be sent home each Tuesday in Y1-6 with a slip listing all the tasks for the week, including reading and spelling. 
  • If printing is required for an activity, this will be sent home with home learning books.
  • End dates for tasks will be set for the following Monday to avoid overwhelming you with a multitude of past tasks on the page. 
  • To be clear, children are expected to choose just ONE activity from LWP although they may complete more if they wish. Options are provided so that everyone can choose an activity that is accessible to them.

In addition to weekly home learning, there is an expectation that parents will support children on an ongoing basis with skills/knowledge noted in the ‘How can I support my child?’ part of their parents’ eve reports (eg handwriting).   

Your support for your child's learning is valuable and appreciated, thank you.

Thank you to all those who attended the parent launch of Learning with Parents.  The children have been very excited about their home learning, and are enjoying sharing the activities with you.

We hope you will find these slides from the presentation useful.  They include contact details for technical help and FAQs.

For non-technical help, please contact your class teacher.